Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Party Time!

Gwen's first Birthday
was an exciting day for all of us (probably for us more than her since she seemed a little confused by it all). Her and Grandpa played with the balloons before the party. We went out to eat with the Reasers and the local Chinese restaurant and went to Mom and Dads afterwards for the party. She looked at us very puzzled when we all stood around her and sang. What was that thing with fire? Why was everyone looking at her? Even the cake, she couldn't understand why she could just play with it with her fingers and why was it ok to stick her whole face into it.
Gwen didn't eat much of the cake and then we opened presents.

She got a doll that crawls and giggles and when won't stop kissing it. And she got a bucket of blocks and she loved the container more than anything!