Thursday, November 6, 2008

Virgin Bloggers

So here is our first blog...

We love looking at everyone elses blog, so we thought that this would be a great way for family and friends to keep up with us and Gwen. Little Gwenie is growing so fast that we can hardly believe it! This family picture is of her at three months old but we wanted a nice family pic and it's the only one as of now.

Fall has definitely started. This is our favorite time of year, especially Benny. He loves Halloween and all the costumes and carving pumpkins. He did an awesome one this year. What do you think?

My sister Susie was here in October and we carved pumpkins with her and my brother Bill's family. Here is the one Susie and I did. It weighs 55lbs!!!

We all had colds on Halloween night so we stayed in and passed out treats. We just took pictures of Gwen in her Halloween costume so that we would have pictures for her scrapbook and also so everyone can see how cute she is! We put on the adorable black high heels that Aunt Laura sent and they just barely squeezed on.
Gwen is crawling like crazy and races me to Lola's dog food bowl. She so badly wants to eat it and I have to put it up. Her newest thing is pulling herself up to stand, while holding on. She does this at the back sliding glass window even without anything to hold on to. Once she stands she is so proud of her achievement that she shouts and yells and bangs. She's quite a noisy little one!

We are really excited to hear back from the Portland Fire Department about Benny's interview. We are really proud of how hard he has worked and how fare he has gotten in the interview process. He had to climb up an 85 foot ladder and up 5 flights of stairs with a hose! But most of all I was really impressed with how much he trained and worked out in order to prepare. We will know by Nov. 17th.
The End
Stay tuned, we have alot of catching up to do!